Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Sweet Sleepers

The puppies are doing great! Their eyes are now open and they can toddle around their box. They have also learned to bark! However, their still spend most of their time sleeping.

Friday, November 24, 2017

Barbet Puppy Pictures

The puppies are now one week and two days old. Everyone is doing so well. I am thrilled with the consistency I see throughout the litter and am really looking forward to seeing them grow. 

Blue Girl

Green Boy

Orange Girl

Pink Girl

Purple Girl

Red Girl

White Girl

Yellow Boy

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Hickory Tavern Over and Out
From too much sun to too cold! The top photo is our Bruce, now called Sunny, leaving for his new home with long time Whippet owners Ed & Pat. Sunny is bringing some excitement to the older dogs in the house! Sunny is such a sweet boy who is being totally spoiled by Ed & Pat.

Below is our little Tina, leaving with David for her new life. Tina has been super special to us for a lot of reasons, and she was really a tough one to let go. We're fortunate that all three pups live very close to us so that we can all get together. David & Tina will be great pals!

Hickory Tavern Tina Vallerina

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

New Barbet Puppies!

Our sweet Marlee had an effortless labor and delivery and is the proud new mom of 8 gorgeous pups. For us this litter is really special as it is the first time we've been able to combine the two bloodlines that we've been working with in our breeding program. So far they look beautiful!

For a breeder, there is nothing so satisfying as an easy, problem-free whelping that delivers consistent, attractive puppies with beautiful breed type. Marlee was solid and knew just what to do with her babies. Every one of them are vigorous and strong. There were no stillborn puppies, and the delivery was not prolonged. Today Marlee and her family are the picture of contentment. 

Monday, October 23, 2017

Incredible Roger Wins 3 Best Puppy in Show!!

We have had an unbelievable weekend with little Roger. On Friday he won Best in Show at the Upper Potomac Valley KC in Cumberland, MD under judge Faye Zahorchak, then on Saturday he won Best in Show in a huge puppy show in Wilmington, Ohio under judge Wendy Willhauck! In his first 3 shows, he won 3 Best Puppy in Show awards! He also won his Certificate of Merit from the 4-6 month classes. What a thrill! Roger's baby puppy career is now over and we will be training for his debut in the 6-9 puppy classes in Florida. 

Heronsway Run for the Roses at Hickory Tavern CM

GCHS CH Nchanted Concerto x Ch Heronsway Younger Than Springtime

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

New Homes for Puppies!

Hickory Tavern Full Throttle

Our wonderful and lively Margot has gone to live just 20 minutes from us with her new family, Steve and Maggie. Now called Josie, we have a special fondness for this clever and bold girl. We are really looking forward to seeing what her future brings.

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Barbet Family Successes

In the past 8 years, we've made so much progress with our Barbet. Breeding Claire (Neigenuveaux's Ermagarde) to Bango du Pre de Redy gave us the wonderful Solene (Hickory Tavern Intl Intrigue CM), who became the first female AKC CM winning Barbet. Her son Micah (HT Secret Liaison CM) was the first American bred Barbet to win a CM, Marlee (HT Secret Entourage CM3) the first to go beyond a CM with her CM3, and today Meg (HT Secret Garden CM) finished her CM with 3 Best in Open Show awards. To have Mama Solene and 3 of her kids in the first 10 Barbet recognized by the AKC for their Certificates of Merit has me feeling very grateful for the wonderful people I've shared this breed with. Thanks to Anne Plomp, Renate Zuber Morgenthaler, and Margrit Zbinden for getting us started with Bango, and to Lynn Vogt-Kinsey and Leslie Woodward for always presenting Meg and Micah so beautifully. This litter was sired by Bosch (Neigenuveaux's Gambit), and his contribution is invaluable. We only wish that Francois Menard was here to see this, as we know he would have been so proud. Here's to the future of the Barbet in America!

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Super Special Week

This was an extremely special week for us. After waiting for YEARS for a puppy from Anne Bowes, we finally picked up our new puppy this week at her lovely bayside home near Cape Cod. This little guy is Roger, otherwise known as Heronsway Run For The Roses At Hickory Tavern. He was my favorite when we visited the litter in July, and as time went on, Anne felt that he was the pick male for us.

Roger saying goodbye to breeder extraordinaire Anne Bowes
Less than 48 hours after arriving at his new home in Hickory, Roger went to his first dog show where he thrilled us by winning Best Beginner Puppy in Show at the Butler Kennel Club under judge Gay Kuehnel-Hisatake! Roger is sired by GCh Nchanted Concerto and out of Ch Heronsway Younger Than Springtime and we cannot wait to see what this little guys' future holds.

Roger wins the big rosette!

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Momma Love

This is Calla with her boy Bruce. She loves playing with her puppies!

Monday, September 11, 2017

Congratulations to new CM Winner Alainn!

This beautiful dog is UKC Ch Hickory Tavern Finally Friday CM. "Alainn" is one of the Claire kids from her litter sired by Quaciendas Thunus Georgii. Alainn earned her Certificate of Merit this past weekend, becoming the 9th Barbet and the 4th Hickory Tavern Barbet to earn the CM title! Alainn is owned by Lynn Vogt-Kinsey and Leslie Woodward and is shown by Leslie. They have done a beautiful job raising Alainn into a wonderful show dog and super fun pet!

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Congratulations to New Canadian Champion Beau!!

Can Ch Hickory Tavern Fool For Brookberry

'Beau' is co-owned with Donna and Stephanie Forte and is handled by Stephanie

We are so excited about this young dog. He will be shown in the US while he works on his Certificate of Merit. He will also be siring his first litters this year. Beau is OFA Good Hips, Normal Elbows, Normal Thyroid, Normal Cardiac, and Normal Eyes. He also has a super fun and goofy personality. Beau is a beautiful moving dog with an outstanding front assembly. He reminds me so much of his Dutch mother, Nessa. Donna and Stephanie are doing a fabulous job with their first Barbet!

Wednesday, August 23, 2017


The Calla & Tanner puppies are doing great at 3.5 weeks. They have started to eat solid food and play together. All of them are so beautiful! Calla is a really good mom although she is starting to spend less time with the pups. Soon we will start taking them outside for short play periods. Bruce and Margot now weigh over 4 lbs. Bruce is next and little Tina is the smallest. She is growing faster with the addition of solid food and we are really pleased with the entire group



Tina and Bruce

Saturday, August 5, 2017

The puppies are one week old today!
We are treasuring our time with them.

Saturday, July 29, 2017

Calla's Puppies Are Here

Just after midnight on July 29th, Calla went into labor. Her contractions were consistent, but sadly her first puppy girl presented breech, out of the sac, and stillborn. Calla then delivered a girl and two boys in quick succession, took an hour break, and delivered girl #2. Immediately her instincts kicked in and she began to care to each of her perfect little puppies. After her huge appearance, we expected a large litter and were very surprised that Calla's size was only from 5 good-sized puppies. We had a quick vet trip for an xray to make sure that no other puppies remained, and Calla has now spent the day attending to the new crew. We are so excited to see these pups grow and feel blessed that Calla has successfully delivered these beautiful new babies.

Calla immediately loves her babies

Boy #1

Girl #1

Girl #2

Boy #2

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Whippet Puppies on the Way

Our other big news is that Calla is confirmed pregnant!! We are really looking forward to our Whippet puppies, who will be here in no time at all. While Calla is getting fatter and fatter, here is a picture of athletic daddy Tanner racing in the Pacific Northwest.

Day 51 of 63. How much bigger will she get??


Catching Up

This summer has been packed with activities and I am behind in updating the blog! One of the highlights was our annual trip to the UKC Premier show in Kalamazoo, MI. This show is always a fun time spent with friends and enjoying our dogs. We were thrilled when Solene, Ch Hickory Tavern Intl Intrigue CM, won Best in  Show at the United Barbet Club Specialty. Then Meg, Ch Hickory Tavern Secret Garden won 4th place in the Top Ten competition, defeating almost 500 dogs in the process! Congratulations to Meg's owners, Lynn Vogt-Kinsey and Leslie Woodward of Anam Chara Barbet. The other big winner of the week for us was Hickory Tavern Finally Friday, Alainn, who placed in the Gun Dog group at two huge shows!

Best in Show Solene with judge Sue Phillips and me

Solene and me after the Specialty :)

Leslie and Meg with their Top Ten winnings

Isabel Descutner, Leslie Woodward, Barb Gresham, Lyne Trudel, Carole Bouthillette, Lynn Vogt-Kinsey

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Wonderful Weekend

We had a really nice weekend showing the dogs in muddy Pennsylvania where Marlee finished her CM3 title and Solene won Best in Miscellaneous to bring her within 6 points of her CM2. Solene was beautifully shown by Barb Follett. In Illinois, Micah (Hickory Tavern Secret Liaison CM) won several Best in Misc with Robin Novack and Gris Gris (Hickory Tavern Final Approach) made his show debut, winning his first point toward his CM with Margie and Brian Lentini! We are so proud of these sweet dogs!

Hickory Tavern Secret Entourage CM3

Hickory Tavern Intl Intrigue CM with Barb Follett

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Upcoming Whippet Breeding

Calla has finally come into season and we are preparing to breed her for the first time. We have selected a gorgeous Sporting Fields dog who lives in Oregon. Tanner is a champion show dog as well as a speedy racer. We are hoping for a successful outcome!

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Au Revoir Francois

Today we wrap up the birthday season with a hearty Happy Birthday wish to the Secret litter. David drove Solene to Repentigny, Quebec for her tryst with Bosch. While in Quebec, David enjoyed skiing at Mont-Tremblant and the wonderful hospitality of Francois Menard, the owner of Bosch. Francois sent David off each day with a beautiful box lunch, and welcomed him back from the slopes with a great meal and fine wine. The weather was terribly cold, but the breedings were successful and Francois sent David off with yet another nice meal for the road.

Bosch, David, and Solene at Francois Menard's home
With Solene's registered name being 'Intl Intrigue,' we chose 'Secret' as the theme of her litter. Solene is so special to me and her first litter was filled with emotion. I remember the fun of Neil Fournier flying in from California when the puppies were 11 days old and our joy of sitting in the whelping box sharing these beautiful babies. I think of the lost promise of the 3 stillborn souls who did not take a breath. When the puppies grew, Grandma Claire became a surrogate mother to the pups and she and Solene shared in raising the 9 sweet babies. I have been so proud to watch these pups grow and accomplish so much. So today, on their third birthday, I remember our friend Francois Menard, who passed away last Saturday. Francois was special, a swashbuckling sort of handsome and proud man. He had a distinctive handling style that said 'Of course you're going to choose this dog.' Yet he didn't just expect to win; he put in the work and earned titles in Conformation, Rally, Obedience, and other events. He was the first to earn an American Rally title. He won the first group placement at Premier with a Barbet. With his gregarious heart, he hosted wonderful cookouts while we camped at the shows. Francois donated prizes to our specialties, he became a SPOT evaluator, and he made friends for the Barbet wherever he traveled with Bosch. Francois and I shared the bond of being cancer survivors, but sadly, his recurred and no more treatment was available. Our deepest sympathies go to his wife Manon. Francois, you were one of a kind. 

I am honored to own my Bosch daughter Marlee, and I know that Francois is proud of her and all of the other Bosch kids. Happy birthday to Marlee, Micah, Meg, Clea, Charlie, Clovis, Teddy, Ernie, and Libby.

Francois Menard   1957-2017

Saturday, April 8, 2017

Happy Birthday to the Final litter!

Today we celebrate the birthday of the Finals! At the time, we thought this would be Claire's last litter, so the puppies were all given a Final name. A change in plans led to one more litter from Claire, and they were called the Epilogue litter. The Final group was sired by Quaciendas Thunus Georgii and they were a delightful group to raise. Happy birthday to Gris Gris, Marcel, Dallas, Fia, Alainn, Magic, and Blueberry. A beautiful group!!

Friday, April 7, 2017

Welcome home, Marlee!

We are right in the middle of our birthday season. Almost every one of our Barbet litters have been born in late March or early April. Living together usually makes all of the girls come into season around the same time, so it has been easy to plan for spring pups that are ready to head to their new homes just as summer is starting. A great time for puppies to make the transition when their new families can easily get them out to new places every day.

Next week we will celebrate the 3rd birthday of our beautiful Marlee and her siblings. Time flies! Yesterday I drove to Chesapeake City, MD to pick up Mar after her month on the road with Michelle and Michael Scott. This road trip was extremely successful for Marlee. She won Best of Breed and Best in Miscellaneous at 12 of the 14 shows where the Scotts showed her. Marlee made a lot of new friends for the breed and the Scotts learned about showing a Barbet. In the end, Marlee earned her CM2 title and is just two points shy of her CM3. She came home in impeccable condition, and she loved everyone on the Creekside Handling team. Marlee will continue to meet up with the Scotts throughout the year. My sincere thanks to Michael for presenting Marlee so beautifully!

An honor to win under Houston Clark

Balanced, beautiful movement. Totally correct. So proud :)

Taking the glamour down a notch :)   judge Richard V Miller